Cooperation with all eyes on screens: It Works Group launches the TV Boost

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New strategic alliance for TV campaign boost: In order to support TV campaigns with data-driven DooH measures, we at It Works are now cooperating with the market analysis company All Eyes On Screens.

TV is an integral part of many advertising plans. However, the channel is also struggling with a loss of reach. Out-of-home advertising is a good supplement, and in many regions it is already making up for the losses. To make this even better and easier, we at It Works are now cooperating with the market analysis company all eyes on screens (AEOS). This makes a completely new form of campaign targeting possible.

How it works: AEOS provides data on TV consumption at city level and, in future, also at zip code level. This is based on TV insights from over one million end devices from the Vodafone TV universe. We use this data to analyze whether the respective TV campaign also reaches the national average locally or regionally or whether it is over- or underperforming. While the TV campaign is running, we use our self-developed all-in-one platform ‘LOCATRICS Superview’ to compensate for the lack of advertising pressure through DOOH spots. In addition, we provide AEOS with the technology for the cartographic visualization of their data down to zip code level.
The aim: the data can be used to support TV campaigns using DOOH and help advertisers to place their product message with a wide reach. We have already carried out initial test runs with AEOS. For Vodafone, for example, we optimized the campaign during Black Week in 50 German cities.

Optimize media plans quickly and effectively

“Until now, it has not been possible to prove local fluctuations in TV campaigns due to a lack of data density and quality. This gives advertisers the opportunity to achieve their KPIs using digital outdoor advertising,” says Lars Kirschke, CPO of It Works. “This kind of interaction between the two major mass media TV and (D)OOH is a perfect example of what complementary media use can look like.”

For advertisers, the insights, paired with technology and the digital/programmatic possibilities of (D)OOH, offer the opportunity to optimize their plans effectively and cost-effectively. This strategic option did not exist before. That’s why we also plan to expand our approach to other media and implement more measurement methods.

“The technology enables a new form of campaign targeting. Previously competing advertising media can be used in a much more complementary way and make the most of their respective assets. The alliance with the IT Works Group is exemplary of such an approach,” says Marin Curkovic, CEO of all eyes on screens.

We are very pleased about this alliance with AEOS, the great cooperation and the future projects!

Source: It Works Group

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