At-Retail Media: REWE inventory can be booked programmatically from October onwards

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Targetings and programmatic bookings for 3,000 digital screens in REWE markets:

From the fourth quarter onwards, advertisers will be able to use the first targeting options when booking the digital steles in the entrance zones of around 3,000 REWE stores. For example, brands can already advertise according to federal states, cities, postal code areas, REWE regions or even distribution.

In the course of this, the entire inventory is programmatically linked and can be booked accordingly. For this offer REWE cooperates with the market leader in Germany, the platform SSP1 of One Tech Group, which is connected to the IT infrastructure of REWE and programmatically bookable with us via Locatrics.

REWE Customer Insights & Media (CIM) set up the new targeting concept and programmatic setup with the support of Marketing of Moments (MoM) GmbH. MoM supports retailers in the implementation of advertising and monetization concepts for retail media at the point of sale. The cooperation with REWE CIM is an ongoing consulting project.

Christian Raveaux, Head of Customer Insights & Media, wants to keep up the pace for the expansion of retail media in REWE stores: “These targetings are just the beginning. REWE has a wide range of its own target group and shopper data, so the next step will be targeting based on REWE 1st party data. For advertisers, this means precisely tailored playouts with clear added value through unique audiences and for us a clear USP in marketing compared to the DOOH competition.”


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