Numbat charging stations become programmatic

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Programmatic at the POS: German EV charging DOOH pioneer Numbat wants to close an advertising gap with screens in the parking lot. Goldbach customers can now book them programmatically.

Provider Numbat is the first in Germany to also operate a DooH network: A 75-inch screen is integrated into each side of the Numbat pillars. At the end of 2022, Numbat set up the first DooH EV charging stations and entered the race with Goldbach as marketing partner. Now Goldbach is including the screens in its Programmatic Channel. Previously, advertisers or their agencies could only book direct campaigns on the charging stations. New contact data now makes programmatic booking possible. For this purpose, Numbat had a reach study conducted by the market research institute GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH. Goldbach is thus the first DOOH provider in Germany with charging pillar inventory in the programmatic network. Currently, around 100 of the columns are located in parking lots and gas stations. In the next 12 months, the operator plans to set up 1,000 more. Numbat has not yet announced whether there are any new location partners.

At 75 inches, the screens at the Numbat stations are large enough to be visible from a distance. Mounted on the sides of the columns, they are also not blocked by loading vehicles. This means they are designed like classic DooH for one-to-many communication. In parking lots and at gas stations, they are located at sites with sufficient frequency. Kai-Marcus Thäsler points out another advantage: “Basically, the advertising medium is perceived as likeable by people simply because of its fast-charging function. So the medium is basically connoted as very positive.” The Numbat screens could therefore become an interesting addition to the programmatic campaigns of Goldbach customers.


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